iranian tech startups in post seed stage

We help Iranian startups scale locally and  internationally — we build brands, strategies and coach.

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small and medium-sized enterprizes

Rapid solutions for Iran SMEs to leverage the features of digital world to thrive.

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Local and international events

We help you organize your event like it’s a movement. Together, we plan curation, partnerships and operations.

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how we think

With the GDP of over $400 billion, Iran is the 2nd largest economy and has the 2nd largest population in the MENA region. Iran —where 67% of the population is under 35, with nearly 5 million university students has the third place in terms of number of engineers. The fastest growing entrepreneurship ecosystem in the world in 2014, is now open after signing the JCPOA with the P5+1.

We believe Iran is land of opportunities for those who make entrepreneurial decisions. We also believe that the best way to start something in Iran is through “Effectual Reasoning”. Effectuation is a logic of thinking that uniquely serves entrepreneurs in starting businesses and provides a way to control a future that is inherently unpredictable.

The five principles, listed below, make up e ectual logic:

  • Bird-in-hand – Start with Your Means
  • Affordable Loss – Focus on the downside risk
  • Lemonade – Leverage Contingencies
  • Patchwork Quilt – Form Partnerships
  • Pilot-in-the-plane – Control v. Predict

The effectual cycle represents the thinking process in a form used in creating products, markets, and ventures. The above cycle continues as the effectual entrepreneur grows closer and closer to a defined, sellable product(s), complete with committed customers and stakeholders comprising the new market.

To help startups act like companies,
to help companies think like startups.

why leaders choose us

Perfect Partnership

We are a joint force of two successful management consulting firms with perfect matching specialties

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Walking the Talk

We do not sell documents, we pilot what we advise and we do not copy/paste solutions

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Young But Wise

Although ILIA\\OPPMAKR is founded in 2016, it comes from a reach history of it’s founding partners

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