Founded in April 2016, ILIA\\OPPMAKR is a new born firm with a rich philosophy. Both founder companies of the joint venture, have successful history of making true impact in management consulting. While the two mother companies are continuing what they do, they created ILIA\\OPPMAKR because of a deeper understanding of Iran business environment in terms of start-ups, small organizations and entrepreneurs.

  • 2008

    ILIA Corporation and Aras San'at took their first steps

    ILIA Corporation took its first steps with Webster University Vienna acting as a business incubator. During its first year of operation the company consulted clients in Austria (including General Motors Aspern) and the CEE region. ILIA soon realized that management know-how is very much demanded in Iran. In the mean while Aras San'at was registered in Iran as a trading company to help Iranian manufacturers provide their raw materials from Europe, in specific Germany, Austia, France and Italy.

  • 2009 2010

    ILIA signed contracts with local industry leaders, Aras started to grow

    ILIA signed contracts with local industry leaders including Khousestan Steel & Iran Nano Initiative Counsel and developed into a professional consulting firm with offices in Vienna and Tehran. Due to ups and downs of the local market, whilst international clients were still interested to enter the market, the operational implementation was extremely difficult. Nonetheless, ILIA worked together with several opportunistic international players that were aiming for first-mover advantage. Aras San'at started to grow in lamp and plastic PET industry and started importing not only raw materials, but machineries from South Korea and Singapore. Aras opened it's first office in Tehran and expanded to a 10 employees organization.

  • 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

    ILIA focused on consulting local companies, OPPMAKR born as a spin-off

    By this time ILIA were a well known name within the industry. ILIA has been prominent members of the industry for more than 16 years and worked for some of the biggest clients in the industry; the company weren’t dismissed by anyone because it could not be dismissed by anyone. On the other hand, analysing Iran's consumer and business environment trends for over 4 years made a new perspective for a small group of board and C-level executives of Aras San'at to spin-off and create Forsatafarin Lab —Farsi translation of Opportunity Maker Lab. At the same time, Iran's Entrepreneurship ecosystem started to shape and local teams showed tremendous potential in leveraging online businesses. Started with 3 tech-savy consultants, Forsatafarin provided mentoring, hands-on consulting and fund raising services for small and medium size companies as well as startup teams.

  • 2016

    ILIA OPPMAKR Founded. ILIA became a leading management consulting firm and OPPMAKR restructured

    Positive signals on the political front reignited the interest in many international firms wanting to either commence or re-initiate business activities in Iran. Helping international and domestic clients in their ventures in Iran – the historic sanctions revile, perhaps had a multiplier effect of ILIA’s rooted platform and in advanced prepared team. With the experience of being involved in more than 14 Iranian tech startups, Forsatafarin rebranded to OPPMAKR and restructured to a "network" of agile sister companies active in digital advertising, web hosting, IT solutions and management consulting. OPPMAKR also launched another initiative, Ghiabi Fund, focused on funding profitable passion projects.

    In April 2016, the two companies found an important opportunity. The opportunity to empower start-ups, small organizations and entrepreneurs unfold their full potential in Iran as well as International markets. The expertise of ILIA Corporation and OPPMAKR Network was a perfect match. Thus, while they are continuing doing what they do, they launched ILIA\OPPMAKR joint venture.

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