Overview of ILIA\\OPPMAKR

Founded on a deeper understanding of Iran business environment in April 2016, ILIA\\OPPMAKR is a partnership of ILIA Corporation and OPPMAKR —aka. Ghiabi Network, which specializes in professional business solutions and hands-on consulting.

ILIA\\OPPMAKR raison d’être is simple – delivering professional innovative services through the power of knowledge combined with action. We exist to enable. The more we enable, the happier we are. We are united to empower start-ups, small organizations and entrepreneurs unfold their full potential in Iran as well as International markets.

ILIA\\OPPMAKR provides teams to work beside its clients as well as training, analysis and facilitation around running or initiating businesses or projects.

What Sets Us Apart

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

  • We do not sell documents. Documents are provided just to remind our clients what our teams had gone through together.
  • We pilot what we advise. That is, we show up at our client offices and spend time with their teams to make sure the solutions will be implemented successfully.
  • We do not copy/paste solutions! We work closely with our clients and treat them uniquely, hence, our solutions are implementable and “tailor-made” for them.
how can we help you?

Contact us at the ILIA\\OPPMAKR office or submit a business inquiry online.

Working with ILIA\\OPPMAKR was a good experience that helped us in terms of time management and confidence.

Parisa Radmehr

"Effectual Reasoning" + "Change Formula" = Real Solutions