contact details

  • 2nd Floor, Number 3, Pirooz Dead-End, Jordan (Nelson Mandela) Street, Tehran, Iran
  • +98 21 88651729


Do you ever invest in your clients?

No, we are management consultants, not investors.

What’s the next step?

A: Contact us over the phone or through e-mail, which ever works best for you. We can teleconference or come sit down with you to discuss your needs and what we think we can do for you. We can provide testimonials so you can hear what our past and existing clients think of our consulting approach.

How do you charge for your consulting services?

We have several different options. Fee for our services include; Daily rate, Retainer programs of varying lengths, Percentage of additional revenue or savings (Returns/Extended Service Plans) Our Expenses are added to any of these options.

We come from a rich history