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Iran has a population of about 80 million and is the 18th largest economy in the world with a GDP of USD 400 billion; located at the heart of the Middle East, Iran is poised to become the center of manufacturing, export, and logistics within the region. Despite the challenges still facing Iran, for those that are willing to play the medium to long-term game, the country presents an attractive investment destination for global industry players.

But the challenge still remains, Iran’s economic trends are not transparent, well defined and absolutely fast changing. After years of implementing innovative solutions, co-creating startups, organizing events and optimizing processes, we believe that the best approach to address challenges in Iran is through the help of Effectual Reasoning. Effectual Reasoning provides a way to control a future that is inherently unpredictable.

On the other hand, to implement our solutions, we leverage the “Change Formula” and start with finding the root of pain in our client’s organization. Then we work closely with the client to find out a crystal clear image of what future should look like. Only then, we can inspire and accompany our client to take the first steps.

We have learned the hard way that the most interesting ventures are built in a space in which the future is not only unknown, but unknowable. Still yet, Iranian entrepreneurs do shape this unpredictable future. We use techniques which minimize the use of prediction and allows our client to shape the future. These five principles, listed below, make up our logic:

{start with your means}

When we are set out to help a new initiative shape, we start with our client’s means: who they are, what they know, and whom they know. Then, we imagine possibilities that originate from their means.

Affordable Loss
{focus on the downside risk}

We limit risk by understanding what our client can afford to lose at each step, instead of seeking large all-or- nothing opportunities. We choose goals and actions where there is upside even if the downside ends up happening.

{leverage contingencies}

We invite and welcome the surprise factor. Instead of making “what-if” scenarios to deal with worst-case scenarios, we interpret “bad” news and surprises as potential clues to create new markets.

Patchwork Quilt
{form partnerships }

We encourage partnerships with self-selecting stakeholders. By obtaining pre-commitments from these key partners early on in the venture, we reduce uncertainty and co-create the new market with its interested participants.

{control v. predict}

By focusing on activities within our client’s control, we know our actions will result in the desired outcomes. An effectual worldview is rooted in the belief that the future is neither found nor predicted, but rather made.

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